Insort and Kiremko,

a global strategic partnership

Strategic partnership

Kiremko, leading manufacturer of turn key potato processing lines and Insort GmbH, worldwide known for highly innovative solutions for sorting, quality monitoring and process control, have entered a long term global strategic partnership.  


In this partnership Insort will provide sorting and sensor expertise and equipment based on Chemical Imaging Technology CIT®, which is years ahead of the current standards in classifying food and delivers the most reliable and precise product and processing data.  


Kiremko, with its outstanding potato processing and machine building knowledge, will develop advanced process controls, utilizing inline data provided by Insort. The combined expertise will improve automation and control of the potato process in real time, to optimize process quality and efficiency.  

Industry 4.0

In the short-term, this partnership will lead to significant added value at multiple stages of the potato processing line for our common customers. On the long-term we see the supplement of both competences as the best approach in realising Industry 4.0 throughout the entire process in the potato industry.  

The benefits

The potato processing industry will benefit from a higher product quality and uniformity, improved yields, reduction of food waste and energy consumption, higher throughputs, better food safety and other advantages. 

The combination of two expert

We are excited to start the partnership with Kiremko, the worldwide leading manufacturer of potato processing lines. The combination of these two experts – Insort in providing inline and at line processing data – Kiremko in applying these data to control the entire process - will be an important step in the direction to the SMART FACTORY OF THE FUTURE

Matthias Jeindl CEO and founder of Insort 


Our partnership

Facts and Figures - Insort & Kiremko

Insort, highly specialized in optical sorting of food products
  • Our Chemical Imaging technology: a highly innovative technology based on near‑infrared spectroscopy
  • The outstanding Sherlock machine series: latest technology, a unique software solution and delivers exceptional performance
  • Applications: Potatoes, nuts, dried, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, grains, meat and much more
Kiremko,innovative potato processing lines for efficient, high quality potato products
  • Exclusively potatoes: product line for French fries, flakes, potato chips, hash browns, freshly cut or any other specialties, we are the one-stop-shop for an entire turnkey line 
  • Over 50 years of experience: we have built up a database of knowledge that we are happy to share with you
  • Innovation: We are working towards the Factory of the Future and a data-driven approach
A beneficial partnership 
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We are very happy to announce the partnership between Insort and Kiremko. Going forward, our customers will experience all the advantages of the combination of Insort and Kiremko technology and will see how our ideas about data collection will be very beneficial for the efficiency of their potato processing line

Andy Gowing, director of Kiremko 

Very beneficial 
for the efficiency

About Insort
and Kiremko

Insort GmbH is a young dynamic company that was founded in 2011 and just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The main objective of Insort GmbH is the development, manufacturing and marketing of digital sorting and monitoring systems based on Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®).

CIT® is a hyperspectral imaging technology developed for maximum performance and enables the classification of food based on its chemical composition in the form of false colour images. The technology, which is used inline and in real-time based on near-infrared spectroscopy, enables food to be sorted independent of colour, shape, surface or density solely on the basis of the chemical composition of objects. In a very short time, Insort has succeeded in establishing itself in the highly competitive market of digital sorting with successful products under the Sherlock name. The company currently has 50 employees at 3 locations (Austria, USA, Canada). 

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Kiremko is a Dutch company founded in 1965 and based in The Netherlands. As a world leader in the  manufacture of process lines for the potato processing industry,  we focus on product development, continuous improvement, innovation, sustainable technology and co-operation to ensure, we give added value to every customer. With a team of over 180 qualified personnel and our partners, we innovate, design, manufacture and install advanced processing lines worldwide. We specialize in lines to process potatoes into French fries, potato chips, potato flakes, pellet snacks, fresh cut and pre-cooked potato products such as hash browns and other potato specialties. 

Kiremko’s strength is to deliver total solutions in potato processing from the infeed of product  to the packaging line resulting in a high quality end product. Our success is achieved by working in total co-operation with our customers to achieve their specific requirements. We aim to get the best out of the product and the customers process line.

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