Idaho Steel and Kiremko

The “Go to Guys” for efficient flake production

Ideal solution for sustainability improvement

Flake production is not only a potato process for specialists. More and more potato processors see it as an ideal solution for their sustainability improvement. Because potato byproduct from, for example, the French fry line - think of "slivers" and "nubbins" - can be processed with a production line for flakes into an end product with value.

More than 100 years and 250 drums of experience

Idaho Steel and Kiremko, as strategic partners, have now placed around 250 "drum dryers" around the world since the flake process was conceived. These drums are the heart of the flake line, a heated round "drum" on which the mash potato is dried. With this rich experience, Idaho Steel and Kiremko are able to offer the most effective and high-capacity flakeprocess in the world.

Exceeded expectations: Emsland group, Germany

Last year, Idaho Steel and Kiremko have installed a large project For the Emsland Group in Germany. A flake line with four drums, good for a requested capacity of 4000 kg per hour. The line has been optimally adjusted so that the average steam consumption has decreased.  

“We agreed with Idaho Steel and Kiremko that a bonus would be provided if the production line was structurally able to exceed this requested capacity. It is now clear that, after the first 6 months of production, the requested capacity is being exceeded. We are very happy with these results and hope for a strong relationship for the future.”

– CEO Gerrit-Jan Wesselink - Emsland Group

Drum Dryer

Advanced Mega Drum Dryer 
  • Fabricated cylinder for optimal heat transfer
  • Largest in the world
  • Manufactured in the USA and Europe
  • Additional applicator roll for thicker product
  • High-end finishes; stainless steel air lines and grease lines
  • Heavy duty knife holder for all natural product
  • Automatic adjustment of top applicator rolls
  • Automatic scraper system with sanitary design
  • LED lighting in vapor hood
  • End-load quick change knife system
  • Advanced control system for operation and automated moisture control
Capacities and dimensions 
  • App. capacities range from 772 lb/hr (350 kg/hr) to over 2670 lb/hr (1200 kg/hr) of flakes per drum 
  • Available sizes:
    60x193 in (1500x4880 mm),
    73x241 in (1830x6100 mm),
    87x296 in (2200x7500 mm),
    97x252 in (2440x6400 mm)
  • Up to 25% increased capacity compared to competition
How to make waste profitable
  • A flake line is a very good way of improving the overall yield of your processing facility
  • By-product from, for example, your French fry line can be processed into an end product with value
  • A flake line can also be a stand-alone unit, making it a very flexible, multi-purpose line
Global operation

Davis Christensen
Director Idaho Steel

In North America, we've been the go-to guys when you want to produce flakes since the second half of the last century. And that market has grown enormously since then. Firstly, because you make a potato product with flakes that exceeds the shelf life of other potato products. Second, because potato flakes are used in more and more products, such as instant mash, crisps, flour, snacks and all kinds of binding agent applications. The world of “convenience” in the kitchen, the easy-to-prepare meals, all these developments have contributed to the growth of flake production.

Marcel van Huissteden
Director Kiremko

Both partners Idaho Steel and Kiremko are now installing flake lines all over the world. The United States, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia. “And we are currently processing an application for Africa. Then we will have all continents complete again. Because we don't count Antarctica, no potatoes grow there, ”says Kiremko director Marcel van Huissteden with a smile. “Our unique collaboration enables us to make customers all over the world successful in producing flakes. We have been successfully joining forces for almost 25 years, which has meanwhile yielded us a convincing market share and we are proud of that.”

Kiremko and Idaho Steel

The Triband

We did not only enter into a partnership in order to grow. Our partnership arose from the inexhaustible desire for innovation, to get the best out of the potato process and the recognition of each other's expertise. The tribrand connection provides a worldwide range of high-quality potato processing lines that will prepare you for the future. 

Exclusively potatoes

We do potatoes. And we do it exceptionally well, even if we say so ourselves. By focusing on the potato alone, we have built up a database of knowledge over the past decades, about the growth, harvest, storage and processing of potatoes. We are happy to share that knowledge with you. 

How we add value

Whether it is a product line for fries, flakes, potato chips, hash browns, freshly cut or any other specialties, we are the one-stop-shop for an entire turnkey line. Many satisfied customers preceded you and we are proud that we could add value to their process and products. 


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The “Go to Guys” for efficient flake production


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